2012 to Present - Lisa Yamai : Snow Peak Apparel

In 2012, Snow Peak's founder Yukio's granddaughter, Lisa Yamai, joined Snow Peak to lead the design and development of our first ever apparel line with the outlook on creating functional and stylish clothing which intersects both urban use and outdoor life.

Lisa Yamai

As the granddaughter of Snow Peak’s founder Yukio, and daughter to current chairman Tohru, Lisa comes from a long line of pioneering outdoor enthusiasts. After graduating from Bunka Fashion Graduate University, in Tokyo, Lisa joined Snow Peak to help pivot the brand for a new generation.

Launching Snow Peak Apparel in 2014 came with praise from a variety of fashion insiders and continues to increase in notoriety each season. In 2015 Snow Peak opened two stores in the fashion districts of Tokyo and New York City which solidified Lisa’s vision for Snow Peak’s evolution.

In March 2020, Lisa has become the president of Snow Peak Japan and Snow Peak UK. As well as taking the leadership of whole Snow Peak group, she has launched her own new apparel brand "YAMAI" in 2020. The collection prioritizes slow manufacturing process and a return to ancient techniques that have been passed down over generations. Each piece is a true work of art, with unique details that can only be found in nature textiles and dyes.


Through all our successes and struggles, Snow Peak has established itself as a company that connects with it's customers and bring smiles to outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Our attention to detail and dedication to enhancing the camping experience through quality products will allow Snow Peakers to embrace their nature for generations to come.