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Enjoy Staying At Home with Snow Peak / Instalive & socials

Written by: Hoon Yoon

April 7th , 2020

Enjoy Staying At Home with Snow Peak / Instalive & socials

In these unprecedented times, we’re all facing some uncertainty and anxiety. we’ve come up with some ideas to maintain meaningful communication with you and to encourage learning and relaxation.

Since we opened last year, our staff have been working hard to prepare a programme of instore events as well our signature outdoor camping events. We’ve been really looking forward to meeting and engaging with fellow camping and outdoor enthusiasts at these events. Even now, when large gatherings of people aren’t possible, we’re still committed to bringing people together so we’re going online to deliver our events.

campers gathering snow peak takibi campfire

Instalive Learning & Social

Friday 10th April. 18.00 start : The Beauty of The Takibi Campfire

A Takibi campfire has an almost magical ability to calm the mind. Just gazing into its flames brings a sense of calm to both body and mind.

The flickering, the crackling, the aroma, the warmth: as we allow all five senses to experience a Takibi, we start to feel our stress and anxiety begin to melt away.

Our Instalive will be hosted by Gunnar Björling, a Snow Peak UK staff member with over 35 years of camp experience. He’ll be showing us: 1) how to build a simple Takibi at home, 2) tips on building and lighting Takibi safely and effectively, and 3) how to make roast potatoes in a cast iron oven.

The Instalive will be broadcast on our account here.

Family Activities: Preparing for Camp - Kids Origami Paper Craft

While the grown-ups are getting the camping gear ready, let’s try making some origami camping gear of our own. “Origami” is a Japanese word meaning “paper folding” (“ori” is folding and “gami” is paper). You can have fun making all sorts of shapes and creations simply by making folds in a piece of paper, and it’s easy enough for anyone to try. In these videos, we’ll show you how to make origami versions of all the essential camping gear from just one notebook: each day, we’ll upload a new video showing how to make another item.
So why not try designing and creating your very own paper craft campsite.

+ Competition!

We’re inviting young campers to create and decorate an origami tent, then post the image with the hashtag #Snowpeakuk

We’ll be gifting a Snow Peak Camping Gear Set (Backpackers Cup, Coloured Titanium Single Wall 450 Mug, Titanium colour spork) to the winner of the Best Origami Camping Gear Prize.

Check out our Origami video from the link below and enter the competition!