Lisa Yamai -Snow Peak new CEO-

On 27th March, Snow Peak celebrated a major moment in company history with Lisa Yamai, formerly Executive Vice President, officially stepping into the role of President of Snow Peak Japan. The granddaughter of Snow Peak founder Yukio Yamai, Lisa Yamai is the third generation to lead the company. Her father, Tohru Yamai will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and as the President of Snow Peak USA.

In the middle of uncertain times, we’re reassured by strong family ties and leaders who are dedicated to the Snow Peak Mission. Lisa Yamai and Tohru Yamai have shared their thoughts about the future of Snow Peak and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Tohru: In 1988, Snow Peak created the concept of stylish & comfortable car camping, until it became a major movement in Japanese outdoor culture. To spread our mission of restoring humanity to Snow Peak was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2014 and on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015, allowing us to expand and create offices, housing and regional revitalization. Today, in addition to Asia, Snow Peak is accelerating full-scale deployment in Europe and North America to spread “NOASOBI” to the world. We are grateful to the local partners, shareholders, business partners, and of course, our users for their long-term support.
We hope you join us in excitement as Snow Peak takes these new steps.

Tohru Yamai, Chairman and President, Snow Peak USA

At the milestone of its 60th anniversary, we have returned to Snow Peak’s purpose for existence: to provide lifetime value to our users. We forget to embrace the natural “richness” of everyday life, substituting it for the “conveniences” of civilized society. We can regain this richness by creating a culture that connects people with nature. Under the leadership of my grandfather and father, Snow Peak has created this culture of connection, becoming the only brand that truly offers a lifetime value. Snow Peak can last for 100 or even 200 years, as long as it continues to provide rich nature-oriented experiences for people around the world. We will create the future of Snow Peak, inherited from the legacy of its past.

Lisa Yamai, President, Snow Peak Japan