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Get Started with Snow Peak

A beginners guide to our catalog of outdoor gears. We've made a selection from our range to get you started with your Snow Peak Journey, covering everything from shelters, fireplaces, grills, eating, and sleeping. Whether you're thinking about preparing for your first outdoor adventure or just want to bring well designed, functional products to your home, we hope to inspire you to explore the outdoors.

Eat and Drink

After all the hard work setting up camp and getting the fire roaring, it's time for some food and drink. The IGT table is a modular table, so you can add side-tables and swap out panels for bbq boxes - it's all in your hands to customise. Our super lightweight titanium mugs and cups are great for raising a toast before digging in.

  • Entry IGT Table
  • MY Plate
  • Kanpai Bottle 350 Pearl White
  • Green Blue Purple
    Titanium Double Wall 450 Coloured Mug
  • Titanium Single Wall 600 Mug
  • Titanium Backpackers Cup
  • BBQ Pitts
  • Fire Tongs
  • Wabuki Chopsticks
  • Kanpai Bottle 350 Dark Silver
  • Kanpai Bottle 350 Wine Red
  • Field Firestarter


If it's your first time sleeping outside, it might sound a little strange. Our selection of sleeping bags will help you feel more at home, keeping you comfortable and cozy after some time around the fire and a long stargazing session.

  • Olive Sandstone
    Military Sleeping Bag
  • Entry Sleeping Bag
  • Bacoo 350 Sleeping Bag
  • Ofuton Sleeping Bag Wide LX
  • Inflatable Mattress 2.5