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Flexible Insulation Series

The Flexible Insulation series has been a part of Snow Peak since the introduction of the Apparel line in 2014. The Autumn Winter version of the series takes careful consideration of the season's unpredictable weather. It can be used as a middle layer or outer layer, keeping you warm, dry, and protected from cold winds.

What is Flexible Insulation?

The Flexible insulation series was the first piece designed for the Apparel collection back in 2014. During this time the market was discovering Down as a great middle-layer for warmth, however this came at the expense of mobility.

'Comfortable and functional wear' is the main aim of this series. Creating garments with features to match the natural elements of each season, but most importantly allowing for comfortable movement and flexibility. Everything from the stitching to the filling of each garment ensures that it is practical and does not restrict movement, even in active environments.

The comfortability of this series is often compared to sleepwear, making it an indispensable piece of daily wear whether you're in the city or in the field.


Water repellent and wind proof

A smooth knit polyester fabric is used to provide a water-repellent finish on the outside, and a windproof coating on the inside.

Soft lining

Anti-static treatment reduces static electricity due to friction when worn. The skin feels good and you can wear it comfortably.

3D flexible filling

3D stretch structure allows flexibility for the active wearer, and has a plump texture like feathers to provide high heat retention.

Sewing that does not impair stretchability

By adopting the sewing method normally used for cut-and-sew garments, it allows it to expand and contract in the most active environments - avoiding any risk of thread breakages or restriction of movement.