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Snow Peak Sleeping Bag Guide - Ofuton Series

Written by: Hoon Yoon

October 11th , 2021

a couple in a snow peak Amenity dome and ofuton sleeping bag

Waking up to the sounds of nature (the early morning birdsong; the gentle breeze blowing through the trees) is one of the best things about camping. At Snow Peak, we know the importance of a good night's sleep and have dedicated ourselves to designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment that guarantees comfort wherever you are.

We debuted our ‘Ofuton Series’ sleeping bags back in 1996. The concept was simple: "a sleeping bag that’s like a Japanese futon"

Unlike traditional ‘mummy' type sleeping bags, the Ofuton can be separated into two pieces, allowing you to adapt your sleeping style to the climate. Pop your feet out the bottom during those warm summer nights, or when it’s cold, secure the duvet to the mattress or around your shoulders to prevent the chilly air from coming in. In addition, the Ofuton are modular, so you can create a larger duvet or mattress by simply connecting two using the zippers.

The filling comes in two types: high-performance heat-retaining material Thermal Mono Foro Fibre for the warmer months, or washable duck down for cold weather camping.

For Spring, Summer (Lower limit between 3°C to 5°C) : Thermal Mono Foro Fibre filling

Ofuton Sleeping Bag Wide or Ofuton Sleeping Bag XL

For Autumn, Winter (Lower limit between 2°C to -15°C) : Washable Duck Down filling

Ofuton Sleeping Bag Wide 700 or 1400

Grand Ofuton Single 1000 or Double 1600

Snow Peak high tension cotFor additional comfort, we recommend pairing the Ofuton with the Inflatable Mattress 2.5, or for a truly luxurious night’s sleep, the Camp Field Futon Starter set or High Tension Cot.

*Limits may vary depending on the individual.

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