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SPW Stories: Joe + Ruby

Written by: Beatrice Bowdon

July 21st , 2023

father and daughter sit in their tent in a field

To launch the Snow Peak Way 2023, we have been sharing a few of our Camp Stories from last year. Out in the field, we met Joe + Ruby, father and daughter duo, with a rare Snow Peak set up who told us all about their camp style and what had bought them to Ember's.


Joe and Ruby’s campsite immediately caught our attention. Joe’s Dock Dome Pro 6 in it's original colour-way is an unusual piece, clearly a cool camper with an eye for design who imported his tent from Japan. To transform their campsite into a cosy yet practical living space, they combined the tent with the Medium Living Shell. With the addition of the connection cover, their makeshift kitchen enjoyed optimal ventilation.


father and daughter camp


This camping trip held special significance for Joe and his 17-year-old daughter Ruby, as it marked their first camping together for quite some time. While Ruby had some experience camping in her backyard with friends a few years back, Joe had fond memories of camping with his family during his own childhood. He was eager to carry on the tradition by bringing Ruby to the Snow Peak Way—an opportunity for them to camp together, enjoy the multitude of activities on offer, and make some camping memories of their own.


As a child, Joe fondly recalled his parents taking him and his siblings on camping adventures in Brittany, France. He still remembers how much he enjoyed outdoor life, spending time with family, sleeping under canvas, and cooking and dining together. Joe couldn't help but draw parallels between those cherished memories and the present moment, as everyone gathered around the fire, chatting and swapping stories with fellow campers. Over 40 years later, Joe's parents still return to that original campsite in Brittany.


A long time Snow Peak fan, he has some really interesting pieces and created a beautiful set up, with an open vista for his camp. Starting his Snow Peak journey with the small Takibi Fire Pit and a Penta tarp, he took them to local beach trips around the south coast where Joe quickly fell in love with the brand.


At Snow Peak Way, the pair found the perfect spot, a bit further away from the main tents, where they could enjoy sweeping views of Claydon Manor and the nearby lake. When it came to setting up camp, Ruby took charge of the pegs while Joe put up their tents. They said it was straightforward set up to pitch, going up quickly and easily thanks to the thoughtful design with colour-coded poles. Once up, the dual formation provided a comfortable and spacious area for sleeping, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views. 

 father and daughter tie dye

These two are a very calming pair, the sort of people you’d want as your camping neighbours. They fully embraced the traditional aspect of the weekend, feeling connected to the Snow Peak lifestyle and values. Ruby was particularly excited about the paper aeroplane competition in our closing ceremony. Her Mother was a keen flyer, and there were murmurings among the group of a top-secret design passed down through generations that would give her an edge over the competition... We're hoping she'll be back this year with a design that will blow everyone else out of the water!


Father and daughter talked about the communal aspect of their trip. Spending time together outdoors, just the two of them, had strengthened their bond, and they both enjoyed the ‘simple’ way of life, embracing nature, making new friends around the campfire, and seeing the children running around playing together and with the dogs. 


Joe summed it up beautifully. "Give a child a field, and they can be free. I would have loved to experience this at their age—coming here, having all this space. You can see how happy the children are."

 camping with friends 

This year, join us at the Snow Peak Way, where you can rent the Dock Dome Pro 6 in Ivory as an add on, to your ticket.