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Takibi Bonfire Night

Written by: Jamie McLaren

October 29th , 2020

Takibi Bonfire Night
Remember, remember the 5th of November. A little over 400 years ago a certain Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the houses of parliament and all those who worked within its walls. We remember this foiled plot by ceremoniously burning a ‘Guy’ on the bonfire every November 5th, followed with a fireworks display. It has become a social occasion that brings communities together in the cold of autumn, to share stories and laughter, enjoy the spectacle of the flames lapping at the piles of timber as fireworks crack and sparkle overhead and for everyone to tuck into jacket potatoes or marshmallows cooked on the roaring fire. It is a heady mix of stimulation for the senses; the smells, the sounds and the heat.

In these times of uncertainty many large bonfire night evenings won’t be occurring. The past year has forced many of us to readdress how we spend our time with friends and loved ones. As social and community gatherings are cancelled across the country, we thought now would be a good time to express our belief in the restorative and galvanising nature of Takibi time (our version of the bonfire). Here we can show you some of our products best suited to creating a unique and special Bonfire Night within your own setting, whether with family or in your safety bubble and how it can be centred around our Pack & Carry Fireplace.

snow peak UK pack & carry fireplace

Pack & Carry Fireplace Large

Our unique and highly packable fireplace. It can be combined with our grill bridge and net to allow you to cook baked potatoes and toast marshmallows on the flames of the fireplace. We currently have two sizes to choose from and our starter Pack and Carry set that includes everything you need to get your Takibi time going.

snow peak UK takibi tarp Octa

Takibi Tarp Octa

Wet day won’t matter with our luxurious Ivory colour Takibi Tarp Octa. The fire resistant inner tarp is made of aramid materials, a fire resistant Japanese made material used to construct fire fighting suits.

snow peak UK stainless steel my table

Stainless Steel My Table

A super reliable, heat resistant table ideal for using next to our fireplace and an ideal place to keep your bonfire night beverage and any other bonfire night necessities. It’s a single action, highly packable table.

snow peak UK fireside ottoman

Fireside Ottoman

Originally designed to work with the low chair you can also use it to hold your bonfire logs, or simply kick back and enjoy the heat of the flames in your low chair. It’s also made from a spark resistant cotton canvas.

snow peak UK jikaro firering table

Jikaro Firering Table

Working in unison with the fireplace kit, the table sits neatly around the fireplace offering the chance to sit around the bonfire and use the Jikaro as a dining table while you share food around the warm glow with loved ones.

snow peak UK fire tool set pro

Fire Tool Set Pro

All three tools are made with the finest steel and highlighted by wooden grips, these are an essential Bonfire night item. Use them to move the embers around your fire and grab the foiled wrapped baked potatoes from the heat of the flames with ease. 

snow peak apparel AW20 Takibi jacket brown

Takibi Jacket

A heavy-duty fireproof piece that keeps you snug around the bonfire and to have the added protection of fire retardancy. A wealth of pockets adorns the jacket to help stash all your bonfire essentials like matches, sparklers and lighter fuel. A large pocket at the back can also be used for carrying firewood to your fire.  

The whole Takibi Bonfire Night Collection are available from here.

And if you’re new to our Takibi time and the Pack and Carry Fireplace then take a look at this video from our Snow Peak USA team to get the idea of it!