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Snow Peak Matthew's Top Autumn Gear

Written by: Beatrice Bowdon

October 13th , 2022

Snow Peak Matthew's Top Autumn Gear

As the evenings draw in earlier, the mornings get longer, and an autumnal chill grips the air, we at Snow Peak find ourselves rethinking our gear, and exploring new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Matthew is Snow Peak's Wholesale Experience Manager, a keen camper and an outdoor wear enthusiast. As an avid cold-weather camper, Matthew has honed his gear for the coming months and is delighted to share some of his favourite pieces from the collection.


Home & Camp Lantern in Khaki

One of Matthew’s camping must-haves is the Home & Camp Lantern in Khaki. As the nights grow longer during the colder months, this versatile lantern’s two-way function allows you to create the perfect ambience, whilst also serving more practical needs. Use it as a spotlight to guide you when pitching your tent later in the day, and place it on your table for some much-needed light when preparing food. You can even adjust the brightness to suit your mood, plus the rechargeable element means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting batteries. A super versatile and practical lantern that is sure to be a neat addition to any camping trip.



Ofuton Wide 700 Sleeping Bag

Matthew’s sleeping bag of choice for autumn is the Ofuton Wide 700. Made with a washable down treated with a bacteria-resistant finish, it’s designed to keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures as low as 5 degrees. Matthew finds it the ideal sleeping bag for cooler season camping trips, particularly as he can zip two together when his boyfriend Mason joins him. What’s more, it’s super lightweight and packs down to a surprisingly small size, so it’s easy to transport, and doesn’t take up too much storage space in his London home.

Takibi Fire & Grill

Our flagship fire pit is the perfect centrepiece for any outdoor gathering. What Matthew loves about the Pack & Carry Fireplace is, it not only provides warmth, but doubles up as a cooking station. As well as being able to throw a foil-wrapped potato in the embers for an easy meal, Matthew enjoys the benefits of its accessories, such as the Floga, which acts as a chiminea to help the fire burn much longer into the night. Thanks to its coated cotton carry case, the fireplace is super easy to transport, and Matthew often brings it with him when visiting relatives, so they can enjoy the restorative power of Takibi together, without leaving a trace on the ground beneath.

Amenity Dome M

The Amenity Dome M is Matthew’s tent of choice for the colder months. The Medium has enough space for two, whilst the low dome shape retains enough warmth when camping solo. As a taller man, he finds it spacious enough when moving around, and finds the porch area a small but handy living space. Back in March, he took this tent on a camping trip to Denmark, where it kept him warm and dry in some pretty abject conditions! The key to the Amenity Dome’s success is ventilation– the roof of the tent opens to allow just enough air flow, ensuring the inside stays dry in damper weather.



Kanpai Bottle 350ml

Matthew has the Kanpai Bottle in both sizes. During camping trips he likes to finish his day by unwinding with a large cup of tea in the 350ml bottle, which has a sturdy construction that means it’s not easily knocked over in the tent. He opts for the sipping lid over one of the insulated lid options, as the double-walled steel construction retains enough heat to keep his drink warm. Whilst a hot tea can be a perfect end to your day, particularly on those cold autumn nights, steam from a regular mug can create condensation inside your tent, inviting in the damp and leading to a chillier morning. Snow Peak’s three thermal lid options keep the steam sealed, so you can enjoy your tea safe in the knowledge that your tent will stay warm and dry.



Photo credit Matthew Beale.