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Bonfire Night

Written by: Susannah Stewart

October 29th , 2023

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is nearly upon us. The annual enjoyment of lighting up the fire and embracing the outdoor chill for the evening calls.



Hosting an evening for friends and family is a great way to celebrate. Use your Takibi Fire & Grill and a few easy-to-manage recipes you’ll be able to ensure the evening outdoors goes with a bang!


Here are a couple of ideas for mains that you can cook on a Fire & Grill


Salmon cooked in foil is a really easy way to make a great fish dish on the Fire & Grill, ensuring the flaky Salmon doesn’t fall apart as it cooks. Click here for our delicious Salmon and Mushrooms in Foil recipe.


Swap the traditional Fire-baked Potato for Sweet Potato

Wash and dry your Sweet Potatoes, and keeping the skin on, coat them in olive oil, adding salt and pepper to your taste. Wrap them in a parcel of tinfoil and use a pair of Fire Tongs to place the potatoes directly into the bed of coals on your Fire & Grill. Make sure you turn them every few minutes and they should be ready and soft after 45- 60 minutes. Careful as you open the parcel – use Fireside Gloves to ensure you don’t burn your hands.


Mushroom and Leeks

A seasonal side that is very simple but delicious. Combine chopped leeks and your favourite variety of mushroom with seasoning and Olive oil place in a Cast Iron Oven directly over the coals or on your Fire & Grill. You can use a Lifter Pro Set for Cast Iron to periodically lift the lid and then stir to ensure an even cook.


Apple Cobbler/Crumble Desert

Nothing says Bonfire night like a toffee apple, and for a warming pudding you can make a delicious Apple Cobbler or Crumble on your Fire & Grill and add a toffee sauce.  This is best done using Charcoal briquettes on the Fire & Grill. Make sure your charcoals are white-hot when you start baking and use the Fireside Gloves to protect yourself and Tongs whilst handling the charcoal.

Peel the apples and cut into slices, add brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and a small amount of flour and combine them. Generously butter the bottom of the Dutch Oven and add the apple mixture. For simplicity, you can use a boxed cake mix as the topping. Mix up the cake batter as per the box instructions and then pour onto the top. Alternatively pre-make a crumble mixture and sprinkle it over. You can add a few extra apple slices on top for decoration.

To ensure all is cooked evenly, put the Dutch Oven with the lid on, directly onto the hot briquettes in the base of the Fire & Grill, and put extra charcoal briquettes on the top to ensure that the oven lid is hot and the top of the pudding cooks. Keep rotating the Dutch oven a half turn every 10 minutes and, if the charcoal is hot, it should take around 35-40 minutes to cook – the filling should be bubbling and the top golden brown. Serve with your favourite toffee sauce.





Children love a version of the American classic and they are really easy to make and delicious to eat. With only 3 simple ingredients the children can get involved to toast marshmallows (under adult supervision) and then sandwich with a piece of chocolate between 2 digestive biscuits. Try different flavours of chocolate to add variety.


Marshmallows roasting on Fire & Grill


Warm Apple Cider

A twist on a mulled-wine theme that’s perfect for bonfire night. Heat up a litre of Apple Cider (or Apple juice for a non-alcoholic version) in a Cast Iron Oven and spice it up. We recommend adding powdered Mixed Spice, Nutmeg or Cloves to your taste, and you can also add cinnamon sticks directly into the pot.  Simmer on a low heat  - and pour through a sieve or tea-strainer to serve. Great for the end of the evening as the fire is dwindling to keep you warm against the chill.


Warm apple cider