How to cook perfect Japanese rice with Donabe-zen pot

snow peak UK Donabe-zen pot & serving set

Have you ever heard of Donabe? This is the name of a clay pot long used in Japan to cook rice. Japanese people are big foodies and rice is an important staple for them. There’s a saying in Japan: “seven gods live in each grain of rice”. In other words, wasting rice will bring you bad karma. (Haven’t you ever been told off by a Japanese friend for not finishing your rice?)

Our new product, the Donabe-zen pot & serving set, is made from ceramic material with low water absorbency, meaning that it’s ideal for cooking utterly delicious rice. Unlike an electric rice cooker, using the Donabe-zen pot will result in grains that are irresistibly plump and fluffy. In fact, using the Donabe-zen pot might help you understand why Japanese people are so obsessed with rice! Use the recipe below to make your own delicious rice.

Cooking perfect Japanese rice in our Donabe-zen pot

Serves 2

300g Japanese rice, 400-450ml water & Donabe-zen pot & serving set

snow peak donabe-zen pot & serving set 

Prepare the uncooked rice by placing it in a bowl and rinsing it several times before leaving to soak. Soak for at least 30 minutes in summer and 1 hour in winter.  A shorter soaking time will result in a more al dente texture when cooked.

*Be sure to use a bowl other than the Donabe-zen pot to soak your rice. Soaking your rice in the pot can lead to cracks and breakages. 

 snow peak donabe-zen pot & serving set how to cook Japanese rice in donabe-zen pot

 1. Once the rice has soaked for long enough, place in a colander to drain off excess water. Place the drained rice in the Donabe-zen pot and pour in cold water.

snow peak donabe-zen pot how to cook Japanese rice 

2. Heat the rice over a low heat for 10 minutes (turning off the heat if the pot boils over). Once it has come to the boil, simmer over a low heat with the lid on for 15 minutes.

snow peak donabe-zen pot how to cook Japanese rice 

3. After 15 minutes, open the lid and check the water level. If any water remains, continue to simmer over a low heat, checking the rice every 2-3 minutes.

snow peak how to cook Japanese rice

4. Once all the water has been absorbed, remove the pot from the heat and leave to stand with the lid on for 10-20 minutes before enjoying perfectly steamed rice.

snow peak UK donabe-zen pot & serving set

snow peak donabe-zen pot & serving set

Donabe-zen pot & serving set           

snow peak donabe-zen serving set

Donabe-zen serving set