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Discover our Flexible Insulation Series

Written by: Hoon Yoon

June 7th , 2020

Discover our Flexible Insulation Series

snow peak apparel ss20 flexible insulation shirt

Snow Peak’s Flexible Insulation series uses fabric that’s lightweight and warm as well as water-repellent. The appeal of these staple apparel pieces lies in just how comfortable they feel when worn.

Flexible Insulation pieces are released year-round, so what’s the difference between the Spring-Summer and the Autumn-Winter pieces?

For spring and summer, we use fabric with great breathability. Each piece is still insulated but can be worn without worrying about overheating. For autumn and winter pieces, we use a fabric that retains the soft and light texture of a knit but boasts outstanding wind-proofing and water-repellent properties. Pieces are stitched using a method that won’t interfere with stretchability. This composition means the stitching itself is able to stretch with the fabric, enabling each piece to handle even sudden stretching and preventing broken threads. 

For SS20, we’ve introduced the first printed pieces in the Flexible Insulation series. This striped print, inspired by bold, by-hand ink brushstrokes, looks great worn alone or as a subtle accent under a jacket or coat.

snow peak apparel ss20 printed flexible insulation

The incredible, once you try it you’ll get it, comfort of this series works in multiple scenarios: whether you’re out and about or at home, or indeed folded up compactly and taken with you on a camping trip.  

snow peak apparel flexible insulation staff styling examples

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