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Snow Peak Festival Spring 27th & 28th June 2020

Written by: Hoon Yoon

June 23rd , 2020

Snow Peak Festival Spring 27th & 28th June 2020

snow peak UK festival June 2020At Snow Peak, we’re committed to bringing campers together. That’s why we’ve held over 30 camping events across the 6 campsites we operate in Japan. We also hold the biannual Snow Peak Festival, in June and October each year, as a way of getting the Snow Peak community together; the festival is held across multiple locations including our headquarters in Niigata, our other campsites across Japan, and our stores.

We are delighted to announce that Snow Peak UK is now a part of the 2020 Snow Peak Festival. In fact, it’s going to be happening across the whole world. This is an opportunity for all campers across the globe to enjoy a celebration of camping together.

Special discount on gear products in-store and online.

This is the only chance you’ll get for discounts on our selected gear products. We will be offering discounts on display gear products in-store, and for some discontinued products online. Offer only for this weekend. Don’t miss out!



Snow Peak Festival Limited Products

As part of our Snow Peak Festival we have a selection of limited edition products available on online store from Saturday 27th. We have very limited numbers available on each product so be sure to get them before they're gone! Check these limited products from our collection page here.

 SHOP Snow Peak Festival Spring 2020 Limited Products

snow peak UK tent event entry pack T&T

Online event ( Instagram Live on @snowpeak_uk)


Sat. 27th June at 12pm: 

Snow Peak Tents for Starts: Demos and Tips for Camp Beginners

A chance to discover our range of tents, complete with demonstrations and tips about how to setup our tents. We are going to be looking at a basic tent setup for a couple, everything you need to have a comfortable camping experience. We will also be demonstrating the best way to put up one our most popular tents, the Amenity dome, and how to setup your camp.


snow peak UK x Koya instalive shuko oda cooking at home

Sat. 27th June at 3pm : 

Snow Peak UK x Koya – Japanese summer rice dish at home

With its specialised menu of udon noodles and small plates, Koya is one of London’s most outstanding authentic Japanese restaurants. We’ll be inviting Shuko Oda, executive chef and co-founder of Koya, for a special Instalive straight from her own kitchen in South East London: learn how to make a simple Japanese summer rice dish using Snow Peak’s new cookware product, the Donabe-zen pot, paired with delicious miso soup. 

*Our instalive will be available from our instagram account @snow peak_uk. To watch the intalive please click the profile icon when it starts flashing in Pink.


Free Festival Commemorative Gift

Everyone who makes a purchase, either in store or online, during the festival will receive a special free gift*!

*The number of free gifts is limited. Gifts will be supplied on a first-come, first-served basis.


snow peak Japan HQ camp site

Festival Highlights from Japan

Enjoy footage of Snow Peak Festival events taking place in Japan. ( *Please be aware that all audio is Japanese only)

Snow Peak Campsite Virtual Tours

Five of our campsites in Japan will be showing footage that highlights the incredible nature of their surroundings.  

Niigata Sanjo HQ : 5:00 Enter campsite 6:00 HQ store space 11:00 Campsite 22:00 Creative room / office space

Nagano Landstation Hakuba 20:00 Campsite

Osaka Minoh @snowpeak_minoh 15:30 Campsite

Tokachi Poroshiri @snowpeak_tokachiporoshiri 10:00 Campsite

Kochi Tosa Shibizu @snowpeak_tosashimiz 00:00 Campsite

Kochi Kawanoeki Ochi @sp_kawanoeki_ochi 52:00 Campsite

*Footages were taken in each respective location in Japan on 20th and 21st June

Snow Peak Operation Core Virtual Tour

The Snow Peak Operation Core HQ2, aka the OC, is around 40 minutes from our headquarters in Mitsuke City. The OC is where we handle distribution, product manufacturing, procurement, and ordering, as well as delivery to our customers and after-sales service. It’s where the Snow Peak Operations Department has consolidated all of its functions and this virtual tour is a chance to see where it all happens. From the stock warehouse to the factory where our famous fireplaces are made, as well as work of the after-sales service team to repair or replace any imperfect items, we’ll be offering a candid peek at the inner workings of our company.  

4:40 Enter building

9:00 Warehouse

10:20 Office

16:00 Repair and after service

17:30 Takibi fire pit manufacturing

snow peak museum Japan

Snow Peak Museum Virtual Tour

The Snow Peak Museum is our collection of records about what we call noasobi, playing in the outdoors, built up in collaboration with our users. Its displays include old Snow Peak products donated by former users, as well as exhibits inspired by how those products enabled people to enjoy noasabi,. The mountain climbing tools developed in collaboration with local artisans by Snow Peak’s founder are displayed alongside products from the 1990s auto-camping scene that was spearheaded by his son and the second generation CEO of Snow Peak. The museum tour will take us through each area of the museum and some camping tales submitted by museum donors.

Snow Peak Eat: Recipes from our Restaurant Chefs

In addition to our stores and campsites, Snow Peak operates a number of restaurants inspired by and showcasing our camping gear and sites. We asked chefs from each of our restaurants to demonstrate a recommended dish for camping. 

Tokyo Akishima: Snow Peak Eat

Summer Vegetable Salad with a Medley of Herbs and Citrus

Nagano: Restaurant Seppo

Trout and Local Vegetables Steamed in Butter and White Wine

Tokyo Machida

Mixed Rice made with Rice from the Terraced Rice Fields of Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada and Shinshu Salmon


*Please be aware that all audio is Japanese only