Kubota Seppou Black Sake

snow peak Kubota seppou sake

We are excited to announce our release of Kubota Seppou Black. An exclusive sake produced in collaboration with Snow Peak and Asahi Brewery.  

This unique Kubota sake is produced by Asahi Brewery in Niigata and is made to be enjoyed in nature with the changes brought by the four seasons. Brewed with natural yeast starter using the traditional Yamahai technique, it has a distinctively harmonious, deep flavor, making it the perfect accompaniment to meals enjoyed outdoors in nature. 

kubota seppou sake


Sake Features 

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo ( Yamahai Technique)

Rice Polishing Ratio: 

50% for Koji (Gohyakumangoku rice produced in Niigata)  

& 33% for mash (the locally grown rice in Niigata)  


Acidity Level1.4  

Sake Meter Value (SMV):+2 

Size: 500ml 

Price: £70 


The Kubota Seppou Black will be available online at London Sake on 10th of December with very limited stock.