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Make The Perfect Coffee | photos by Wyatt Coxen

Written by: Dan Sugihara

September 26th , 2019

Make The Perfect Coffee | photos by Wyatt Coxen

There’s just something special about that first cup of coffee. Whether you’re stumbling out of your tent to catch the early morning sunrise or fighting the urge to hit snooze from the comfort of your bed, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as that tried and true morning ritual to kick start your day.

Manual pour over coffee has long been a staple of the craft coffee movement, but we’re here to show you just how simple and easy it is to do on your own. While there are thousands of variations and techniques, we’ve chosen a simple and proven method for making a great cup of coffee with ease.

What You’ll Need:

The Steps:

  • Put your kettle on to boil.
  • Fold the Hario filter along the scalloped edge, place in the Snow Peak coffee dripper and wet thoroughly with hot water. Discard the water in mug.
  • Measure out 25 grams of whole beans and grind roughly to the size of table salt.
  • Place coffee in the filter.
  • Place coffee dripper onto mug or decanter and place both onto your scale. Tare or reset to zero.
  • Start your timer and begin to pre-infuse (lightly cover) your coffee grounds with about 30 grams of hot water. Try and saturate the grounds as evenly as possible in this first pour. The grounds will start to “bloom.” Let the blooming grounds sit until your timer reaches the 35 second mark.
  • Continue pouring hot water in circular motion over grounds in 60-100 gram increments until you reach approximately 400 grams. Total time should be roughly 3 minutes 30 seconds. Don't worry if you go over 400 grams. With practice, you'll be able to just eye the process accordingly.
  • Enjoy the best cup of coffee you've ever made. 

Note: If you don't have a scale, you can follow the same steps above; just keep in mind it will be more difficult to achieve a consistent result.