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Noasobi Series: Preserving Craftsmanship

Written by: Simon Harris

August 30th , 2022

Noasobi Series: Preserving Craftsmanship

At Snow Peak, our mission is to create moments of connection between humans and nature. Our line of outdoor apparel is designed to withstand the rigours of the outdoors, without sacrificing style, and thus facilitate closer connections with the natural world. However, we are always learning and evolving, and, several years ago we realised we could be doing more to connect our customers with the earth. In 2018, this realisation led to the development of Local Wear, along with several other artisan-focused collaborations and capsule collections, that prioritise natural fabrics and historic processes rooted in local regions.

The number of craftspeople and artisans across Japan is declining at an accelerating rate, leading to the loss of ancestral practices that have been passed down over generations. Historically, clothing reflected both the type of labour performed by the wearer, as well as local customs, but as the world shifts, many of these customs and traditional labour practices are dying. Snow Peak hopes to reverse this trend; to help preserve these traditions and manufacturing processes by partnering with local craftsmen to safeguard their culture and connect it to today's technologies.

Snow Peak's Local Wear project sheds light on the fascinating variety of garments from all over Japan and connects them to the people of today. The goal of Local Wear is to link consumers to creators, building appreciation for the localised cultures and lifestyles of different regions. The project is rooted in respect of local climate and craft and offers specialised activities and tours that pass on culture and industry to future generations.  

Snow Peak's appreciation for historic craft extends beyond Local Wear. Two other projects, the Yamai Line and the Inoue Brothers collaboration, also prioritise connection to place; the earth, and natural materials.  

Learn more about Local Wear and its impact from this short documentary highlighting the project.

Yamai Line 

The Yamai Line is designed in small batches using ancient, natural fabric construction and dye techniques. The collection celebrates traditional craftsmanship while deepening the relationship between the garment and the wearer, creating a bridge to the natural world. Designed by Lisa Yamai, the capsules offer one-of-a-kind pieces that demonstrate the beauty of nature, even its imperfections.

Inoue Brothers 

The Inoue Brothers is an art/design studio founded in 2004 by two Japanese brothers, Satoru and Kiyoshi Inoue, who were both born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand celebrates their common love for two cultures, Japanese sensibility, and Scandinavian simplicity. The Inoue Brothers share many sensibilities with Snow Peak – including deeply valuing heritage, culture, and rich artisan craft. All of their projects create awareness around responsible production methods while remaining focused on quality and design.  For the past several seasons, we've collaborated with the Inoue Brothers to bring limited-edition pieces to the Snow Peak apparel line. The Inoue Brothers partner with the Paco Marca Alpaca Institute in the highlands of Peru to ethically source alpaca wool of the highest quality. 

Shop all Snow Peak apparel to find pieces from the Yamai Line, Inoue Brothers Collection, and more.