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Origin Story: Solid Stake & Peg Hammer

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

June 16th , 2023

Origin Story: Solid Stake & Peg Hammer

At Snow Peak, our goal is to provide an elevated camping experience that brings the comforts of home to the outdoors. We understand the challenges faced by campers and strive to eliminate common inconveniences. With their lasting durability and simple ingenuity, The Solid Stake and Peg Hammer exemplify this approach.


What is a Solid Stake? 



Snow Peak designed the Solid Stake as a reliable alternative to standard tent pegs. In 1988, Snow Peak released its first tarp, made of high-density nylon, followed by 210D, a heavier tarp made of ultra-thick fabric. The Wing Poles needed to be re-designed to support the newer tarp’s more durable material. In rethinking the Wing Pole design, Snow Peak’s development team realised that the force from wind and rain transfers from the poles through the guylines and into the stakes. After realising the important role of the stakes in the tarp setup, they decided to create a new, stronger variety. 


Made In Japan  

The durable stake is manufactured in Snow Peak’s hometown of Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan, using a forging process, wherein steel is heated at high temperatures and then beaten repeatedly (a similar technique to the one used in Japanese sword-making). The factory uses an electric induction furnace for the high treatment stage, which allows for more precise temperature controls, resulting in a smoother finish. With its cylindrical head, the stake prevents slippage during hammering and efficiently transfers power downward without dispersion.

The stakes also feature a large hook that is driven to the ground to secure the rope and prevent rotation. This ingenious design, combined with the forged steel construction, enables the stake to conquer rocks, hard surfaces, and even extra-soft terrain ensuring year-round camping enjoyment by providing reliable anchorage for tents, tarps, and shelters in all conditions. 


Meet the Copper Head Peg Hammer  


In 1996, Snow Peak introduced a hammer designed to effortlessly drive the Solid Stakes into the ground. True to its name, the Copper Head Peg Hammer features a replaceable, soft, copper head that absorbs impact and minimises handle vibration, whilst its main body is crafted using the same forging technique as the Solid Stake, allowing power to be efficiently transmitted. 

Even if your striking angle is slightly off, the copper head balances the force, resulting in a more evenly distributed blow. Like many Snow Peak products, the Copper Head Peg Hammer gains uniqueness with repeated use as the copper head is crushed and deformed. When the head is entirely flattened, it can be replaced, significantly extending the hammer's lifespan. Moreover, the hook on the hammer's head allows for easy stake removal when required.


Wherever your adventures take you, add Solid Stakes and the Copper Head Peg Hammer to your camping kit and enjoy a more comfortable experience. The stake comes in four different lengths to achieve optimal performance in a variety of environments. Purchase separately or as a set to ensure your tent, tarp, or shelter is properly secured to the ground.


Written by Savanna Frimoth, edited by Josh Bright.