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Snow Peak Apparel Spring Summer 2022 Look Book

Written by: Hoon Yoon

February 10th , 2022

Snow Peak Apparel Spring Summer 2022 Look Book

Our Spring Summer 2022 collection lookbook, takes a glimpse into the lives of Yuichiro and Akisa Wakamatsu, tangerine farmers from Uwajima, Japan, who live symbiotically with the rhythms of the natural world.

Situated on Shikoku island, on the cusp of a scenic bay, Uwajima is a city rich in nature, renowned for its vast, floral gardens and scores of tangerine farms. Yuichiro was born and raised on one such farm, but, rather then follow in his family’s footsteps, he, like many other young men in the region, was encouraged to pursue baseball instead.

He played it religiously growing up, but quit shortly after starting university in Tokyo due to his disillusionment with what he felt was a inhibiting hierarchical system.

He later moved to Victoria, Canada, as an exchange student, and there discovered a love of skateboarding. In contrast to baseball, he found this new sport liberating and free. It opened his eyes to a new way of living and helped shape a clearer vision of his future.

Yuichiro: "When I was skateboarding in Victoria, I met many different people, from children to tough looking adults. It didn’t matter who you were, where you were from, everyone got along with each other through their shared love of skateboarding, and encouraged, and applauded each other when they did a trick. I am attracted to this pure energy and free spirit. It is great to share joy by acknowledging each other while competing, and I think that it would be great to bring this ethos into the world of tangerine farming too!”

After a year in Canada, he returned to Tokyo, where he worked a series of temporary jobs, and later, met and married Akisa. When he eventually returned home, to Yuichiro, he was a different person, transformed and galvanised by his experiences; his new found love of skateboarding, and his new wife.

Yuichiro and Akisa now live and work on the family farm under the guidance of Yuichiro’s grandparents, whilst also running a side business, selling tangerine juice, and other related products. They are currently in the process of creating a space on the farm where guests who share their values, can experience the tranquil beauty of their home.

They live harmoniously with the natural world, their lives dictated, not by clocks, but the biorhythm of the tangerine trees.

Our 2022 collection draws inspiration from the symbiosis of people and nature. The relaxed silhouettes and natural tones are designed to interact with the wearer’s environment, whether urban or rural, and encourage them to embrace the rich beauty of the outdoors.

Our 2022 Spring Summer Apparel Collection launches in store & online late February.