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Snow Peak Way Interviews: Andy Cheng

Written by: Charlie Price

November 26th , 2023

Snow Peak Way Interviews: Andy Cheng

We spoke to Andy during our Snow Peak Way last September. He is a regular in store and comes to many of our community events. He has a visual striking set up featuring two Octa tarps adjoined and two Glamburgs. He was joined by his friend with his family in order to have one of the most impressive set ups on site. 


Question: Why do you like Snow Peak?

Andy: I've actually tried a lot of brands because I usually go to the mountains which requires some very, very basic and light equipment but due to the pandemic we couldn't go abroad so we stayed in Hong Kong and tried a different style of camping. I think the products and the quality is the best. I first tried Snow Peak because it was recommended to me by my friend. When I first began using it, I thought it was quite heavy and I did have some concerns, but in the end I think the quality is so high that it outweighed my concerns over the weight of the products. 

Q: Why have you got the Glambergs? Why have you got the Octa tarps? Why did you choose these?

A: The Glamberg is from when I moved from Hong Kong to UK, and we have more space in the UK compared to Hong Kong. With this extra space we wanted to upgrade to a bigger tent, pitches are bigger in the UK so we can spread out more and have a bigger camp. I love the shape as well. it reminds me of when I was a boy scout. It is nostalgic as it reminds me of the first tents and camping adventures I went on. The Octa tarp is because we have a big kitchen set up when we go camping and love being able to have the shelter of the bigger tarp. It also means if we want to have a fire under it it is safe and helps keep us warm.



Q:  And then the kitchen set up is just this amazing. So do you like doing all your own food in here as well?

A: Yes, yes, yes. My wife is the head chef, she does all the cooking! She loves cooking outdoors and on the camps. We use the IGT for almost everything in our camp kitchen, it is very versatile!