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Snow Peak Way Interviews: Nick and Annie

Written by: Charlie Price

October 8th , 2023

Snow Peak Way Interviews: Nick and Annie

Nick and Annie are a father - daughter duo, this was their first time at a Snow Peak Way. We caught them just as the sun was setting and had a Takibi chat about Snow Peak and their own personal camping experiences.  

Question: Why did you chose to come to Snow Peak Way?

Annie: Well, early in the year we went to the First Camp with the Outsiders Store in collaboration with Snow Peak and just absolutely had the time of our lives. We're still quite new to camping in general so it's nice to meet like-minded people who can kind of share experiences. Give us some advice on what's good gear or where are good places to go and check out. Just to be in a like-minded environment, away from London, away from the city. To have some space to reconnect with nature as well. It's all-round, pretty good fun.

Nick: Good fun, yes. The weather has helped as well. When we booked it, it was - if it's absolutely bucketing down it's going to not be as nice, but we've just been blessed. We went, as Annie said, to the First Camp and it was blessed with the weather there and we've had it here too. When we first went properly camping together, about this time last year, we went on a three-week trip to British Columbia, which was amazing. We went around Squamish and Vancouver Island. That's one of the reasons we have the kit that we do, because it's one of the lightest tents you do. So obviously, backpackable and we could take it away. So I would say that's probably one of the best bits of kit. Although we've both been discussing, we need to not be in the same tent really. You know, we did that for the very lightweight reason. The mobility of the whole thing and I think everything that Snow Peak do that's kind of lightweight, the titanium cups and, any cookware really, we've kept it really minimal. 

A: That was it. the time in British Columbia there was a fire ban wasn't there and that got lifted when we were towards the end of our trip. It was just such a hot summer for them just like us so. But it's so nice that that was my first experience and my dad sort of as well the first real experience with camping and we kind of threw each other into the deep end.

N: There were some quite extreme hikes we went on. I'm in my 50s and it was, can I kind of keep up, can I do this? I'm relatively fit, I do quite a physical job and it was great to have that kind of experience. You could rely on the kit when you got to where you were going, you know it would work well.

A: Yeah and it would be quick to set up. The tent is an amazing set up.


N: We set up somewhere, and when we got there late and we set up in pitch black and we had to do it quickly - we had that up really quick and got in there as soon as we could. That's bear country as well, so you don't want to be mucking about!

A: It's nice to be able to come back to the UK and carry on camping together and separately as well.

N: You've taken the kit away as she's gone camping with other people and used everything. I keep saying to her that we got the Takibi Fire & Grill now, which we didn't have before. We were sharing one at the First Camp (the second one), that Snow Peak did with Outsiders this year and we really loved it. We were thinking great, we need to do Takibi if we're doing more UK camping and I think, now we've been using it it's wow, this is great - we cooked on it today it's just so good.

Q: What have you made on there? 

A: We had the salmon on last night which was brilliant. Really good salmon and peppers, prawn skewers. Oh and the sqeggs! (eggs made by frying them in the Tramezzino hence they come out sqaure). I'll have that tomorrow morning again.

N: I made up a little rayou chili oil thing with some mirin and some other chilli and put that in with the eggs and it was rocking.

A: Yeah, that was the first time I was using the Tramezzino

N: We bought that kit for here, because we can transport it in the car. 

A: That's the thing, because it's nicer to experience heavier gear in the UK and all the different stuff that you can get. Obviously when you're maybe a bit more backcountry or hiking country, you can only really have the lightweight stuff you can never bring something like this.

N: The window of time, we've spoken to a few people that use a lot of your equipment, they said they go camping a bit later on in the year and it's just nice to hear it.

A: I think I could do March right? Oh, yeah, I think I don't know I'm brave enough for January or February.

Q: Which has been the Snow Peak Way workshop you've enjoyed the most?

N: You loved the tie dye, didn't you?

A: I loved the tie dye, I thought the tie dye was wicked, but I have to say, I think, out of all of them, we did the tie dye, we did the woodwork, which was incredible and we also did the flower dying. I had to say, that flower dye was probably the best for me. 

N: The woodwork for me, I like that, that was great. It was nice talking to Geoff because he knows a lot of my old haunts. It was nice to connect with everyone around there. It's just the way you guys do it, the interactions are always lovely.

A: The energy of the space is so good. Frankie, she's great, she's talking about the avocado dying she does. She's got a really inspiring person to connect with. 

Q: How have you guys found Snow Peak Way?

N: You know, there is a fear that, when you come to something that's branded, it's going to be shoved down your throat, but it's not at all. You guys have kind of got it right. I think you're doing it really well.

A:Yeah, it's super chill.

N: I do commercial graphics and I do a lot of exhibitions, about 12 years ago I was in Munich doing this thing for an outdoor pursuit show. All the big names are there and you guys had a big stand there. It was the first time I'd heard about the brand, but I hadn't really seen it. Just some of the clothes and the equipment, I was, wow, this is amazing. This is great stuff.

A: I think it's a good time for outdoor stuff, because so many people our age who are just getting into it a bit more, being a bit more outdoorsy. We're essentially from the digital age so it's nice to be able to come away from it because it's not something that's new to us, we've had it most of our lives. It's nice to be able to take a break and there's more and more people our age getting into it which is great. 

N: Well, I'm a sucker for a good gadget. Just well-engineered, well-made things. It's just fascinating. It's just great to see something like the Takibi, and the coffee dripper which is a mini version of that. And having that. Oh, yeah. I love the fact that they're basically the same thing. They fold flat, they're portable.

A: It's like a reliable pattern. 


 Thanks to Nick and Annie for joining us at Snow Peak Way 23, their lightweight tent of choice is the Fal Pro. Air 3, they also used a Takibi Fire & Grill to cook their food throughout the weekend. Other gear they use is the Snow Peak sporks, mugs, Tramezzino and the Fire Tool Set Pro.