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Snow Peak: Cookware Focus

Written by: beatrice bowdon

August 6th , 2023

Snow Peak: Cookware Focus

We recognise that everyone has a unique style and approach to camping. Whether you're planning a family camping trip, embarking on a solo bikepacking adventure, or hitting the trails with a group of friends, the way you cook and what you pack can have a huge impact on your overall experience.


With an abundance of camping equipment to choose from, we know that selecting the right gear for your trip can seem overwhelming. But never fear, we're here to guide you and provide tips and insights on what cookware you to bring with you on your camping adventures. Titanium or stainless steel? Let us run you through the benefits and help determine your camp style. 


For instance, while we love our cast iron pots, we know that they're not always appropriate for your trips, particularly if you'll be packing light on a bicycle or hiking between campsites.


Fortunately, we make a wide range of cooksets designed for outdoor use that utilise a variety of materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific needs. It's important to consider your options carefully and choose the ones that are right for you.


outdoor dining




Our iconic Titanium Collection is central to our brand's heritage. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Japan, all of our titanium items are designed to stand the test of time and demonstrate our commitment to supporting local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint.


Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, making it incredibly durable and robust, yet easy to transport, not to mention, visually stunning, thanks to its minimalistic finish.


It's ideal for food and drink containers, as it's rust-resistant and won't leave any metallic taste in your mouth, so you can enjoy your food and drink without any unwanted flavours.


While titanium can be used on a wide range of heat sources, including open flame, gas, and charcoal, it's not an excellent conductor of heat and thus is better suited to heating liquids and noodle soups, rather than for more substantial cooking tasks. Additionally, titanium isn't non-stick, so it's best to keep things simple.


We recommend our titanium products for activities, like lightweight camping, solo backpacking, bike camping, and moto-camping. 


Explore our full titanium range here.


titanium cookware






The most versatile and easy-to-use material for camp cooking, aluminium is lightweight, and is available in non-stick options. 


One of our favourite items is the Tramezzino sandwich maker, the body is cast from aluminium which can go straight in the fire. The bamboo handles allow you to easily remove the item from the heat and reveal the cooked meal inside.


Perfect when cooking for large groups or families, aluminium pots and pans are robust and familiar (many of us have learned to cook on them from a young age). They're perfect for BBQ grills or open flames, though they're not recommended for use over a wood fire, and may not last as long as titanium or cast iron. However, despite its limitations, it remains a classic staple for outdoor adventures that will serve you well in the camp kitchen. 


Shop our collection of aluminium cookware here.

 aluminium cook set



Stainless Steel:


Think of this option as a slightly more robust, cousin of aluminium cookware. Ideal for boiling, baking and heating smaller pot meals. Slightly heaver and more durable than the former, stainless steel cookware is a more versatile alternative. 


Strong as an ox, a lot of Snow Peak's products are built from stainless steel, including our Takibi Fire & Grill, Garden Unit Table Set and other dining options but these pots are best suited to an induction hob at home, or charcoal at camp.


Shop stainless steel cookware here.

 stainless steel


Cast Iron:


It's hard to beat a delicious slow-cooked meal, and cast iron is the perfect material for one-pot dishes like curries, stews or soups. 


Whether at home in your kitchen or outdoors on your Takibi Fire & Grill, our cast iron range will allow you to create a myriad of delicious dishes that will warm even the coldest nights!


Cast iron can be used on gas, electric, open flame, or induction cooktops, and its non-stick qualities make cleanup a breeze, though is quite heavy and uses a fair bit of gas (due to the amount of oil needed for cooking) so it's better suited for more experienced campers who have the means to transport it


It also requires some care to maintain its durability and reliability (brushing it with oil and heating it in the oven on high heat for an hour can help treat it and keep it in top shape). Though it's a truly special material and if looked after, will create lasting memories for years to come.


Shop our cast iron range here.


cast iron products on the fire


Join us for a full masterclass on top tips, tried and tested recipes and a full guide on how to care for your cookware at our Spring Summer Festival, 19th & 20th July in our London store.