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Spring Summer 2023 Look Book

Written by: beatrice bowdon

February 3rd , 2023

Spring Summer 2023 Look Book

For the last few years, our apparel campaigns have centred on families who maintain a close relationship with the natural world.

Our Spring-Summer 2023 collection lookbook maintains that tradition. We visited Yusuke Kido, a self-taught potter who lives with his family in the coastal city of Kagoshima, Japan.


Yusuke’s ethos embodies the spirit of our new collection: to live without boundaries and embrace the outdoors. His work is a reminder of how important it is to disconnect from everyday routines; to strive for new experiences that bring us closer to nature.

Yusuke’s brand, ‘One Kiln’, was born in his home workshop. As an independent maker who holds a deep respect for his surroundings, it was important for him to forge a relationship with the materials with which he works. He personally digs all of his clay and uses volcanic ash from the nearby Sakurajima volcano to form the glaze.



His shapes are simple and easy to handle. They are designed ‘for all people’, to remind us to break-free from the norm and to connect with nature and with each other. 

Our latest collection is made for urban and rural environments. Blending form with function, the high-quality garments are designed to facilitate memorable moments in the outdoors and inspire the free, creative spirit that exists within us all. 


The collection is built for the blurred line between 

city and nature, and the people who live there.

Everywhere is a shelter.

We make clothing for the wild streak within us.

Action, rest and the beauty of transition.

We are comfortable riding the balance.

Let’s make clothing for the journey.


Blog edited by Josh Bright