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Winter Camp

Written by: beatrice bowdon

January 20th , 2023

Winter Camp

Winter is a silent time when nature sleeps, and we, too, can benefit from quiet moments and a more reflective pace. However, with a bit of effort, some extra layers, and plenty of firewood, winter camping offers a slow and leisurely experience that can be more luxurious than one might expect.  

At Snow Peak, we believe camping should be a year-round endeavor, and that each season offers lessons – if we pay attention. An untouched expanse of snow or cooler temperatures can be a timely reminder of the new year ahead, full of unexplored opportunities and chances for growth. By camping and immersing ourselves in nature, we can observe the wonders of winter, from the satisfying crunch of fresh snow to the soft glow of early sunsets. Even the sometimes-biting chill is something to be embraced, making the warmth of the fire even more inviting. 

In Snow Peak’s home prefecture of Niigata, winter comes in full force, bringing feet of snow and plummeting temperatures. At Snow Peak’s headquarters outside of Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, our product designers used this unforgiving environment to test and create the tents and shelters from our Pro. Line. In this collection of editorial images, Snow Peak staff camp on the HQ1 Campfield using the Dock Dome Pro. Ivory and, in the evening, share in the warmth and comfort of Takibi Time.