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Kacho Fugetsu: A Way Of Life With Nature

Written by: beatrice bowdon

January 6th , 2023

Kacho Fugetsu: A Way Of Life With Nature

Our story began in Japan, and thus, it is important to us that we share the rich culture, history and traditions of the country with our community. 


Snow Peak is a way of life. It’s a celebration of the world we live in, and of the joy that can be found in nature. As manufacturers of outdoor gear and wear, it is our mission to provide you with everything you need for the best possible experiences in nature. 


Through camping, we can enjoy the beauty of local fields, beaches and forests: the ease of throwing your tent in your car or on the back of your bike and cooking with friends, over an open fire. We want to show you how simple it can be to go on an adventure, how comfortable and safe you can be doing it, and how you can elevate outdoor gatherings with Takibi time (even if in your back garden!).


The natural world is our playground! We can host lunches outdoors, share stories under the stars, spend time alone meditating in the woods, or discover new lands through the power of exploring - and we want you to enjoy all of these amazing experiences with us.


Our President, Tohru Yamai, recently made a film all about the joy of nature. He explains the significance of the Japanese phrase kacho fugetsu: the founding root for Snow Peak, and the work that we do.


Translating as, ‘a way of life with nature’, the term beautifully describes the profound connection that Japanese culture shares with the outdoors. It's a principle by which we live and is a constant reminder for us to connect with our environment.


We truly believe the outdoor experience is for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or a camping novice who wants to learn more, we want to create great camping stories with you all and help you find and enjoy your camping style, whether it's bike camping, family camping, or solo camping. This year, we have our second Snow Peak Way UK and lots more exciting partner events to look forward to.


We are excited to share our stories with you this year, and meet you all in person at one of our events. 


There’s so much to discover, join us on our adventure. 



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