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Staff Choices for Home and Camp

Written by: Hoon Yoon

December 30th , 2020

Staff Choices for Home and Camp

Ever wondered what our staff think of our products? From apparel to gear who better to ask than the people who get to work with our products daily and understand them intimately. Below our team members discuss their favourite items for use at home or camp.

Snow Peak Take! Chair Long

Take!Chair Long

“This chair has been great company for me since I started WFH. As it’s easy to fold and carry around I often took it to my garden during lockdown in this summer for a sunbathing.” ( Hoon, EC manager )


snow peak apparel flexible insulated shirt

Flexible insulated Series

“I love the mix of traditional style and tech functionality. I have the cardigan, it is super comfortable and all the insulation I ever need.” ( Gunnar, GM )


snow peak UK IGT system table

IGT Series

“It is beyond amazing how customisable and versatile this system is. I keep it set up as a side table at home, use it for cooking and eating in my garden and of course for camping. Super sturdy and modular to infinity!” ( Gunnar, GM)

snow peak mini hozuki

Mini Hozuki Lantern

“Initially I got this one for my little brother for his safe use of light because LED is way safer than gas lanterns for kids without any heat. It is bright in a tent or use its magnet to hook on to your pocket it'll show your path clearly around a 2m radius. It’s compact, bright, has dimming options and simply it's a great light!!" (Kenya, Business development manager)


snow peak Tramezzino


“Who doesn’t love toasties! The Tramezzino is my favourite bit of kit to use on the campsite. It’s so versatile that I have made omelettes, hash browns and cheese toasties to name a few delicious things. The design is simple yet perfect and the non-stick surface makes cleaning super easy, hit it directly on the heat and get ready for delicious hot food. " (Jamie, Store Manager)


All the Staff recommended products are available for purchase on online. Check the product by clicking the link below.

Flexible Insulated Series

IGT Series

Take! Chair Long

Mini Hozuki Lantern