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Sustainable Camping Practices

Written by: Hoon Yoon

April 30th , 2022

Sustainable Camping Practices

snow peak Titanium mug and tableware sustainable collectionThere’s almost always room for improvement when it comes to sustainability. It can be overwhelming to consider the possible eco-friendly swaps, but these simple practices make all the difference! 

Before You Go:  

Assess Your Gear 

There’s nothing wrong with a little spring cleaning and maintenance. Before you hit the road for your first trip of the season, pull your gear out of storage and take stock of each item. This practice has several benefits. First, it allows you to avoid duplicating items because something was presumed lost, when in fact it was forgotten in a pocket or at the bottom of a bin. You can also see what practical items do need to be replaced. Lastly, by reviewing all your gear, you can determine what needs a bit of repair.

Plan Your Snacks & Meals 

Reduce your single-use plastic consumption by preparing meals and snacks ahead of time. Store ingredients in reusable containers and consider making your own snacks to avoid plastic packaging.

Share Your Ride 

If space allows, consider carpooling with your camp companions. You’ll save on emissions and get some extra time to plan your activities. If you’re planning an ultralight excursion, consider bikepacking or cycling to the trailhead to reduce your time in a car.  


When You Get To The Camping Site: 

Go Biodegradable 

Use eco-friendly suds for all your washing, whether you’re cleaning dishes or yourself. Don’t forget about toothpaste and sunscreen either! Help keep water systems free of any unnatural chemicals or ingredients.  

Avoid Plastic Bottles 

Bring along your favourite reusable water bottle, and skip the disposable plastic. Our go-tos are the The Stainless Vacuum MILK Bottle 350 Explore our sustainable collection for more eco-friendly gear.

Practice Fire Safety 

Only burn in designated areas, and always check burning restrictions before you go. Never leave your fire unattended and keep water nearby just in case. Bring your own wood and don’t forage from nearby trees or logs, as you may inadvertently be disrupting a habitat.

Leave It Better 

Pack up your garbage, recycling and any food remnants from your site. Before you go, spend a bit of time hunting for other garbage to leave a pristine campground behind.  

Don’t forget: Snow Peak offers a lifetime warranty for all our outdoor gear. Learn more about our commitment to heirloom-quality products.