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Takibi Time

Written by: Simon Harris

September 4th , 2022

Takibi Time

The special moments shared and experienced during Takibi Time are a central part of Snow Peak’s approach to time in nature. Campfires serve as a natural gathering point, and even if you’re alone, there’s a special magic to be found when staring into the flames.  

While there are many ways to enjoy time fire, and we hope this guide to Snow Peak’s fireplace assortment will be a helpful starting point – whether you’re planning an off-the-grid excursion or a backyard gathering.  

Sharing food and drinks by the fire is part of what makes Takibi Time special! 

Takibi Solo 

This rectangular fireplace is best for solo excursions and trips with space restraints. Pair with the Grill Stainless Half Pro and the Grill Plate Half Deep Depth for variety of cooking surfaces 

Pack & Carry Fireplace Small 

The smallest of Snow Peak’s Pack & Carry series, this option is ideal for compact spaces like a patio.  

Takibi Fire & Grill in Small 

This small set includes offers enough cooking surface to grill a meal for yourself or a friend. The four-piece set includes Fireplace Grill Bridge S, Pack & Carry Fireplace S, Base Plate S, and Fireplace Canvas Bag S. 


Pack & Carry Fireplace Medium 

This slightly larger option is best for enjoying fireside relaxation with your closest companions. This size is best for couples or groups of three.  

Takibi Fire & Grill in Medium 

Create a campfire cook station with the medium Takibi Fire & Grill set! Take it along on your camping trip, a day at the beach, or fire it up for a barbeque in your garden. 

Pack & Carry Fireplace Large 

The biggest option in the Pack & Carry series, this fireplace is optimal for hangouts with a handful of friends. Use it as a minimalist alternative to the Takibi Fire & Grill.  

Takibi Fire & Grill 

Snow Peak’s most well-known fireplace kit, the Takibi Fire & Grill, is the ultimate gathering point in your backyard or campsite. Come together for Takibi Time with the option to cook or grill for a group.  


For larger get-togethers and group camping, create an expanded setup with the Jikaro Firering Table. Create a natural gathering space with plenty of room for food and drinks.  

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