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The Impact of Your First Camping Trip

Written by: Hoon Yoon

June 18th , 2021

The Impact of Your First Camping Trip

Whether you're a camping newbie or not, all of us could benefit from tapping into the awe and simple joy of our first camping trip. The magic of camping isn't about having the most extensive gear collection or the most outdoor adventure experience. Instead, camping can be transformational because of the ways it removes us from our comfort zones, forces us to slow down, and reorients us to the rhythms of nature. Today, we'll examine the revelations from a first or even 400th camping trip.

Image of a family setting up a tent in a large campfield under a blue sky.

Embrace imperfection

Your first camping trip may have been seamless, but in all likelihood, it was a practice of going with the flow. Camping forces us to work with what we have. Even if you pack everything on your list, there's inevitably something you didn't think of, or circumstances may be different than anticipated! Leaving the comforts and conveniences of the city and modern life can be jarring at first, but choosing to appreciate the unexpected gives way to new experiences.

Person sitting in front of their tent overlooking a beautiful vista.

Use your senses

Camping puts us in touch with our wild roots. Without the noise and distractions of the city, we can recalibrate our senses to the environment around us. After a few hours in the outdoors, you'll start to notice new things in your surroundings. Maybe you’ll pay closer attention to the breeze rustling the trees and the birds singing. Or perhaps, you’ll take a moment to breathe in the fresh air or enjoy the smell of the campfire.

A large ivory Snow Peak setup on the Alvord desert with the sun just rising above the horizon.

Sync with nature

Technological advances have resulted in us existing out of sync with nature. Electricity allows us to stay awake far into the evening; our smartphones offer us streams of information and often distract us from the world around us. Camping allows us to reorient to the natural rhythms of the outdoors. It separates us from the busyness of life and forces us to slow down. When camping, we often rise with the sun—evenings in the camp centre around the fire. We circle the bonfire as humans have done for millennia, sharing food, drinks, and stories with our companions.

Here at Snow Peak, we think that time spent outside restores the human spirit. By coming together around a campfire or over a shared meal, we can forge deeper connections with one another and the earth. Whether you're a longtime recreation enthusiast or a first-time camper, there's room for us all in the great outdoors.