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A Guide To: Family Camping

Written by: Charlie Price

August 27th , 2023

A Guide To: Family Camping

Family camping trips have the power to create lifelong memories, forging bonds and fostering a love for the natural world around us. With the right gear and a little preparation, it's easy to unplug and connect with the great outdoors while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of home.

Follow our guide where we'll explore three key aspects of camping with kids: choosing the perfect tent set-up, easy camp cooking, and selecting campfire gear that's perfect for little Snow Peakers.




A reliable and spacious tent is the cornerstone of a successful family camping trip. When choosing a tent, keep the following points in mind:

  • Size & Capacity: Look for a tent that comfortably accommodates your family and allows for additional space for storage. A four-person tent is a great starting point, but consider larger options or connecting tarps and shelters to provide extra room for gear, activities, and unexpected rainy days.


  • Easy Set-up: Opt for a tent with a straightforward set-up process, preferably one that can be pitched by a single person or with helpful features that are easy for little helpers to follow. Elements like colour-coded poles, intuitive instructions, and quick-clip systems will make assembly a breeze.


  • Weather Resistance: Ensure your tent is designed to withstand various weather conditions. Look for features like a durable rainfly, reinforced stitching, and a sturdy frame that can handle unexpected wind gusts. This will provide you peace of mind and keep your family dry and comfortable throughout your camping trip.





  • 1. Land Nest Medium Tent Tarp Set: A multifunctional 4-person tent and tarp set with ample space for sleeping and gathering.
  • 2. Entry 2 Room Elfield: Specifically designed for new campers, the simple setup creates a living and bedroom space. Remove the inner tent for a shelter that fits up to eight people.
  • 3. Alpha Breeze Tent: Increased ventilation and entry points on all sides make this a great family tent. Extend the vestibule for a covered gathering area.




Cooking at the campsite can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children. Here are three helpful tips to encourage kids to participate:

  • Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks: Give kids a specific task based on their age and skill level. Younger kids can help gather firewood, wash fruits and vegetables, or set the table, while older kids can assist with chopping vegetables, stirring ingredients, or even grilling. 

    • Come Prepared: Turn cooking into an adventure by involving kids in planning the menu, prepping and packing ingredients, and creating unique campfire recipes. Use the Tobachi 2 or Tobachi 3 containers to store prepped or leftover meals.

    • Make Cleanup Easy: Establish a cleaning station with a Waterproof Gear Container as a sink and Garbage Frame to hold any rubbish bag to keep your campsite clean and critter free. Use separate containers to responsibly manage waste for recyclables, compost, and general trash to help leave the site better than you found it.




    • 1. Field Cooker Pro. 1 SetA complete camp kitchen cookware set, the Field Cooker Pro. 1 Set is a five-piece collection of pots, frying pans, and mesh strainer to suit all cooking needs.
    • 2. Tobachi 3 in White: Pack prepped foods ahead of time or store leftovers after cooking, this insulated system includes three individual storage containers that fit into a single cylinder compartment.
    • 3. Renewed Tableware Set L FamilyUse the set to feed large groups, whether at home or camping. The set includes four dish sets, for a total of 16 pieces stack for storage in a mesh bag. 




    A well-equipped campfire adds magic to any camping experience. Here are some kid-friendly campfire essentials:

    • Fire-Resistant Gear: Safety comes first with our range of protective gear made with aramid fabrics to prevent spark damage. Our Takibi apparel, Fireside Gloves, and Takibi Tarp Hexa Set are designed to protect against flames or hot embers.


    • Campfire Games & Activities: Pack a few classic campfire games or create your own storytelling activities. These moments encourage bonding and create a cosy atmosphere for sharing stories and laughter.


    • Don't Forget the S'mores: No campfire is complete without a s'more session. Roast the classic graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate combination or invent one of your own! A Snow Peak favourite includes a melted peanut butter cup.





    • 1. Takibi Fire and Grill: Packable, portable and modular, the Takibi Fire & Grill is the ideal firepit at home or to take on any camping trip.
    • 2.  Fire Tool Set Pro A complete Fire Place Tool Set Pro consisting of three tools to help you poke the fire, reposition logs, and shovel the ash.
    • 3. Nanoloft Takibi Blanket: A blanket that combines a blend of natural fire-resistant fibres with Rumpl's proprietary NanoLoft insulation to create a functional and cosy fireside accessory.


    Family camping trips provide countless opportunities for adventure, connection, and growth. Don't let the unknowns intimidate you - with the right gear and preparation, you can let the joy of family camping unfold as you explore the beauty of nature together, creative cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

    Shop our Family Camping Collection for curated assortment of essential gear to make your next trip easy, clean, and fun for the whole group.


    Blog written by Olivia Hazelwood.