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All Season Camp: Tarps

Written by: beatrice bowdon

June 2nd , 2023

All Season Camp: Tarps

In Japan, where the seasons clearly change, high-spec tarps that take into consideration the hot and humid climate are required. Snow Peak tarps are made with fabric that is ideal for Japan's weather conditions, design that protects campers against rain and sunlight, with advanced sewing technology that withstands strong winds. Our sturdy tarps are supported by durable poles, ropes and pegs. The strongest tarp and the strongest gear that create a comfortable camp.


takibi tarp


The fire-resistant Takibi Tarp has quickly become a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts. Designed to provide a sheltered space for campfire gatherings, the fire-resistant tarp is the perfect way to extend your camping season. The all-in-one kit includes everything needed for setup: the tarp, inner roof, two poles, guylines, and stakes. Attaching the inner fire-resistant tarp to the main tarp provides a barrier that prevents damage from sparks, ash, and smoke. Set up can easily be completed in 10 or 15 minutes with two people.  

If you’ve just bought a tarp or are considering one for the upcoming camp season, watch our comprehensive how-to video to learn more.


Create a customised campfire setup with Snow Peak’s Takibi Collection.