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Origins: Single Action Table

Written by: beatrice bowdon

May 21st , 2023

Origins: Single Action Table

Few items are as important to a comfortable camping experience as the table. Named for its easy setup, the Single Action Table offers a dining and gathering space for campers.  Throughout his extensive camping experiences, Snow Peak CEO Tohru Yamai saw the opportunity to elevate the typical campsite picnic table. You know the one – it's either splintery or somehow perpetually damp, features graffiti carvings from years of visitors, and is either too high or too low, but never just right. Like all Snow Peak camping gear, the Single Action Table offers a comfortable, stylish and efficient alternative to the norm.  The Single Action Table features a beautiful, laminated bamboo top that's become an iconic detail associated with Snow Peak campsites. What really sets the table apart is its innovative folding structure. The developers realised that folding tables were often unsteady and less durable. They rectified this issue with the x-shaped frame structure. The unique shape evenly distributes force and weight, offering a stable and un-wobbly surface. This design did not come about easily. Enabling the folding structure and x-frame legs required incredible precision down to the last millimetre. The designers made countless paper samples and tested prototypes for a full year before sending the table into production.  

When first released, Japanese campers were unsure about the Single Action Table. Like many things, its value was most apparent once used. Snow Peak began a demonstration campaign at tradeshows and events, and soon campers realized the enhanced comfort the table offered. Today the Single Action Table has been used by countless campers both in nature and at home, and it has served as a gathering point for meals, games and conversation.  The Single Action Table seamlessly integrates into the Snow Peak Layout system. At standard seated height, it pairs perfectly with the Red Folding Chair. Its bamboo details match the Iron Grill Table system allowing campers to create a campsite that's visually cohesive.  

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Blog post by Savanna Frimoth