Camping Debut with Entry Line

snow peak entry camp collection

We believe in the power of camping.

Campers know the rich value of being in nature. From building their tent and falling asleep under thousands of stars, to waking to the sound of birdsong on a dewy morning.

The current pandemic has realised in us how precious it is to be in nature and our is hope to experience it more. Our wish is to get more people all over the world to realise how great it is to be within nature and the best way to appreciate it is through the lens of camping.


Snow Peak believe these are the fundamentals to our life, and camping contains all these elements within its experience. From this week, we would like to introduce our entry line tents, which are perfect for camping starters and experts alike. We will showcase the tents along with selected pieces of gear to assist you in making a perfect Snow Peak Way camping experience.

snow peak Entry pack TT tent

Entry Pack TT

The first tent we’d like to introduce is our Entry Pack TT.

The Entry Pack TT (Tent and Tarp) is a tent that creates a bedroom and a tarp that creates a living room. It neatly provides the required durability and functionality without sacrificing performance and comes at an affordable price. The tent and tarp can be used individually. You can arrange it according to the situation. The same tent is also used for the Vault.

Snow Peak Entry Pack TT tent and Vault tent

Entry Pack TT                                                                         Vault 

snow peak Entry pack TT bedroom

The sleeping space can accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids.

snow peak Entry pack TT details

 A UV cut processing and Teflon water repellent treatment that repels rain are applied, making full use of high sewing technology that can withstand strong winds.

snow peak Entry pack TT inner room

With a hanging inner tent, you can set it up quickly and easily.

Here’s the video of how to set up Entry pack TT

For living space we recommend the following pieces of gear to help realise your best snow peak experience:

Single Action Table Medium

Folding Chair Wide in Red


Folding Chair Wide in Grey

For Sleeping space we recommend the following sleeping gear : 

Entry Sleeping bag

Ofuton Sleeping Bag Wide

Inflatable Mattress 2.5

Strecth Pillow

snow peak takibi fire & grill

Takibi Fire & Grill

Takibi time is something we always have when camping. The Takibi Fire & Grill are the basic gear needed to have Takibi time and a beautiful BBQ meal.

Explore an assortment of tents, tarps, camp furniture and accessories that you need to start Snow Peak style camp from HERE