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Beautiful and sturdy shelter -Entry 2 Room Elfield-

Written by: Hoon Yoon

March 5th , 2021

Beautiful and sturdy shelter -Entry 2 Room Elfield-

snow peak high quality large 2 rooms shelter tent entry 2 room elfield in a camping filed with three campers

The Entry 2 Room Elfield is a 2 room shelter perfect for a family of 4. It’s designed and built for all-year-round camping. It has walls in all directions to prevent wind, rain and cold air from entering, so it is comfortable even in the cold season. The large mesh panel accommodates a variety of weather conditions.

It is a large shelter that integrates two rooms, a living room and a bedroom. The layout features a living room on the doorway side and a bedroom is set in the back.

The hanging inner room is detachable, and it transforms into a large shelter that can accommodate a large group.

Here are 4 reasons why we would recommend Entry 2 Room Elfield for your first family tent.

a camper setting up snow peak large tow rooms shelter tent Entry 2 room Elfield

1: Simple structure & easy set-up

Like the “Vault" tent of the "Entry Pack TT", it uses an arch frame shape. Setting it up is super simple, attach the four frames (framework) and ridge pole to the main body, and fix the front and back of the shelter with pegs. Then, peg down each corner and rope to complete. That’s it!

snow peak 2 room shelter tent Entry 2 room Elfield in a camping field

2: A Beautiful design that efficiently catches the wind

A framework of the tent that can withstand the wind is important, but a shape that makes it difficult to receive the wind is also very important. The Entry 2 Room Elfield has a flowing curved surface and is designed to release the force of the wind. Snow Peak tents are designed with a focus on beauty that stand out in nature while pursuing functionality.

snow peak large 2 room shelter tent Entry 2 room elfield ropes

snow peak Entry 2 room Elfield in rain

3: Reliable and safe even in bad weather

One of the best parts of camping is that you can feel the changes in the weather that you can't usually feel at home. It would be nice if it's always a good weather, but it's inevitable that we have a lot of rain in the UK. Rest assured that Entry 2 Room Elfield is resistant to bad weather. By firmly fixing the rope attached to the shelter to the ground with pegs, it creates the force needed to protect the shelter from the wind from top to bottom.

snow peak large 2 room shelter tent entry 2 room elfield roof sheet

snow peak large 2 room shelter tent entry 2 room elfield inner room

4:Comes with Roof sheet & Inner room

The Entry 2 Room Elfield is equipped with a roof sheet and an inner room.

While keeping the price as low as possible, items that are indispensable for creating a comfortable living space for camping starters are also included. The set includes a roof sheet that reduces the deterioration of the fabric and suppresses rain noise, and an inner room that is a bedroom for sleeping.

We recommend to add Elfield Mat and Sheet Set to make your bedroom even more comfortable.The Floor mat uses urethane, it is not only cushioning but also controls hot air and cold air against the body.The tent bottom also has a minimum water pressure resistance of 1,800 mm, but by combining it with the floor sheet, you can prevent the ingress of moisture and sleep comfortably. And it also protects from dirt.

setting up snow peak Entry 2 room Elfield tent with pegs and hammer

Here are some common questions about Entry 2 Room Elfield

Q1: How long does it take to set it up?

A1: It should only take about 30 min, and if you get used it it should be quicker.

Q2:Can even a beginner set up on their own ?

A2: We do recommend you to set it up with a pair.

Q3:Is the attached pegs enough to set it up?

A3:In some cases, such as gravel or a hard layer on the ground, the attached pegs cannot handle it. In that case, we recommend using a solid stake.

[Estimated number of the solid stake required]

x22 Solid stake 30

* Please select the appropriate length of solid stake according to the ground to be set up.

Both Entry 2 Room Elfield and the Elfield mat and Sheet Set is available from our Camping Debut with Entry Line Collection.