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From your Home to your Tent: Must Have Camping Accessories

Written by: Hoon Yoon

March 19th , 2021

snow peak camping gear bag for pegs and stakes multi container L

snow peak stacking shelving container and gear bags

Though not always glamorous, one of the essential parts of camping is transporting all of your equipment and food from your home to the site, and then back again at the end.

When you arrive at the campsite your priority is setting up your tent as quickly and efficiently as possible, likewise when taking it down, and you really want to make sure that you don’t lose any of the pegs, parts or tools!

These containers and bags not only look great, but they’re also perfect for keeping all of your items organized and safe, thus ensuring an easy and stress-free camping experience!


snow peak gear bag multi container L for stakes and pegs

For Hammer, Pegs & Solid stakes

Great for storing, tools, stakes and pegs, this handy Multi Container is made from a heavyweight durable canvas, and will save you time when pitching your tent, and ensure you don’t lose any of your equipment! Also, the new Stake Shoulder Bag is a durable crossbody bag designed to hold stakes and a hammer for hands-free support when setting up a tent or tarp site.

snow peak pack bucket for campingsnow peak camping bucket with fish

For plates, cutlery & Kids Toys

Perfect for storing plates, cutlery or children’s toys, these collapsible, open-top containers are made from a water-proof PVC Nylon, so they can also be used for washing up, or be filled with ice and water to keep your drinks cold!

snow peak cooler container bag soft cooler 38

For Food & Drinks

When camping, its vital to ensure your food stays fresh and chilled, particularly during those hot summer days. The stylish Cooler Tote Bag features an insulated interior along with an inner pocket for storing cold packs, and is perfect for couples, whilst the packable Soft Cooler 38 is great for groups of 4 or more.


snow peak stacking shelve container with logs

For anything!

If you’re not sure which bag or container to go for, then the large-capacity Multi-Purpose Carry Case, which can store a single unit BBQ Box along with a small bag of charcoal is a great place to start!

Combining form with functionality, the Stacking Shelve Container 25 or 50, can be used to store and carry items to your tent, and then opens up and acts as a shelf to store everything you need for a relaxing camping experience, such as cooking utensils, food, drinks, firewood and fuel for Takibi time!

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