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Hosting At Home

Written by: Beatrice Bowdon

November 18th , 2022

Hosting At Home

At Snow Peak, we are outdoors people.

We love being in nature and spending time with friends. Yet over the last couple of years, we’ve all spent more time at home than usual and now we have festive season to look forward to, welcoming loved ones into our space.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to invite you into our home to see how we gather together and celebrate hosting. As plans are made and guests come to stay, we start thinking about how to make them feel at home, what to cook and how to bring that holiday spirit in. 

Cooking with friends is all part of what makes these chilly nights more fun and exciting, whether it’s at the kitchen table or in your back garden, so we thought we’d offer you a simple recipe to get started.

This week, we are cooking a miso soup for lunch, followed by sake at dusk. We’re cooking on our IGT in a well ventilated room.



Photo credit - Matthew Beale


1 tbsp brown miso

1 pack of silken tofu, cubed

2 pak choi

1 thumb of ginger, minced

2 cloves of garlic, minced

Dried seaweed

Sesame seeds to garnish

1 tbsp cooking oil

Pinch of salt



Start by heating up your medium saucepan and add your vegetale broth. Let simmer.

In a separate bowl, whisk your miso paste with a cup of water. The trick is, to add 1 Tbsp of miso for every 240ml of water; you can apply this to however many you’re cooking for. Stir, until the paste has dissolved. Set aside.

To the broth, add your ginger, garlic, pak choi and spring onions and heat for 5 minutes.

Finally, add your tofu and bowl of miso and stir to combine. 

Season with a pinch of salt if needed and share immediately, it’s best served when hot.


Photo credit - Matthew Beale


Moving into the evening, open up a bottle of sake and popular a cup for your friend. Toast to each other, the season and the year that we’ve had.