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Snow Peak Autumn Winter Festival 2022

Written by: Beatrice Bowdon

November 11th , 2022

Snow Peak Autumn Winter Festival 2022

At Snow Peak, hosting and gathering together with like-minded people are essential tenets of our approach. Whether it’s wrapping up warm and swapping stories around a Takibi or sharing coffee at the kitchen table, we understand that special moments with others are incredibly important.

Since our inception, we’ve held over 30 camping events across the 6 campsites we operate in Japan, and this year, we hosted our first-ever Snow Peak Way event in the UK. We also hold the biannual Snow Peak Festival, in June and November each year, as a way of bringing the Snow Peak community together and showing our appreciation to our friends and customers. The festival is held across multiple locations, including our headquarters in Niigata; our other campsites across Japan, and in our stores.

On the 26th & 27th of November, we’ll be hosting our annual Autumn/Winter Snow Peak Festival, at our London, St James’s store.

We’ll be running a range of unique demonstrations, activities, and workshops led by Snow Peakers and our partners, and we’d be delighted if you would join us!

Every workshop and demonstration is personal to the individual who is leading it. Behind each workshop lies a unique story; a history, and an understanding of how their leader's interest or culture underpins their creative process.

 Credit: Ollie Puttick

Seiji was born and raised in Japan. His love and understanding of his country’s culture is a gift he loves sharing with others, and at our festival, he will be running his popular workshop: Chopstick History and Etiquette. If you’ve often felt like you’re holding chopsticks the wrong way, you probably are, but don’t worry, Seiji is here to help!

In this floor-seated event, Seiji will guide you through the history and importance of chopsticks in the culture of his homeland. As a Japanese person, following the specific etiquette is a rite of passage, allowing you to integrate into society. There are various types of chopstick etiquette, each of which has a different origin story. Their history goes back many years, a bit of which Seiji will talk you through, but as a man of mischief, all of this will be done through games and play, so expect the unexpected!

 Credit: Markus Brown

Our Paracord Craft Workshop will be hosted by Frankie: a master of transforming a simple piece of rope into something truly beautiful. Known as 'Nana Frank', She is a London-based crochet artist who combines her passion for her craft with a love of camping and the environment. Her designs have become extremely popular (her limited-edition collection always sells out!). 

Using the Snow Peak Backpacker's Cup as a base, she will demonstrate how to customise and personalise your piece, providing you with a base-level knowledge of crochet that you can build on in the future. 




Charlie is one of our Iron Grill Table specialists. We know that everyone’s needs are different, which is why our IGT set-up is fully customisable. Big family, solo camping, car camping, bike camping - IGT makes it all possible. Not just a camp table, the IGT has become a creative solution to many different storage needs. With its bamboo details and sleek shelving units, it looks great in any setting and allows you to start small and grow with you and your family.

Charlie will be giving demos on how to set up your IGT, demonstrating its unique versatility hands-on. 

 Credit: Ollie Puttick & Brittany Raddats.

We will also be hosting an Anodising workshop with our buyer, Brittany, wherein she’ll be transforming our Titanium Sporks into an array of different colours. 

Anodising is a form of oxidising whereby electric currents are run through a saline solution: light reflects from both the layer of oxide and the underlying titanium at different angles, and  the reflections then clash to produce a rainbow colour or a marbling effect.

Sit and watch as Brittany safely and carefully dips the Blue Spork into the solution, runs the current, and transforms it into vibrant colours right in front of your eyes. The process is extraordinary and allows you to witness as each spork becomes truly unique in colour. Once anodised, the sporks will be fully usable as before, with no chemicals being used to create these intense colours.

Brittany will be running her anodising workshop throughout the festival weekend. Sporks can be purchased in-store and colours requested. The process takes about one minute and you can watch the event take place in-store.


The Snow Peak Autumn Winter Festival will be held on the 26th & 27th of November. Book your place here.

We look forward to seeing you there!