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Martin: The Takibi Chef

Written by: Beatrice Bowdon

November 4th , 2022

Martin: The Takibi Chef

Set up:  Snow Peak US Vault in Ivory: (not currently available in the UK) + Tarp + IGT set up.

Originally from South Africa, Martin now lives in Sevenoaks, Kent, and joins us at Snow Peak Way with his two boys and a friend after having been to our inaugural ‘First Camp’ in the UK (at The Good Life Society’s beautiful Welsh campsite), back in May.

Martin discovered Snow Peak on YouTube during the first UK lockdown, via an Australian customer whose video on Takibi caught his eye. This led him to his first purchase - the Folding Torch (sadly not available in the UK due to CE certification restrictions), which now sits proudly on his own Takibi Fire & Grill, a key product in his camping journey as it has allowed him to take his love of cooking outdoors. He is now somewhat of a Takibi master. As well as his fire & grill, his set up at Snow Peak Way includes a Fire Tool Set Pro and a Fire Ring Table (he's raised his Takibi to the same height as the table using our fire pit stand). Martin is a passionate barbecuer, whether camping or at home, he loves nothing more than throwing a few steaks, sausages, a family favourite of chicken kebabs, and - as the boys remind him as we’re talking about it - marshmallows, on his Double BBQ Box. Martin is a real outdoorsman, he mentions some of the gear that he has been researching and that he’s considering buying a new van to haul it all around. While we talk, his fire is crackling through our Floga, which slow-burns the wood in his Takibi for optimum heat, whilst reducing thick smoke without losing that comforting campfire smell.

Photo Credit: Markus Brown

His set-up is impressive. His tent of choice is the Vault in Ivory, an American exclusive, and he’s also created a separate cooking and dining station using two Low Style IGT Festival Exclusive in Black with extensions. He also has an unusual way of pitching his tarp with the ridge line running across the top but says he now also has his eyes on the Takiki Tarp Octa. Having been camping and hiking since he was a child, he’s found the ease of having fold-up tables and a lightweight set-up, key to a great experience.

Martin enjoys events like Snow Peak Way as he can set up his gear and relax while the boys play in the nearby games den. Charley and his little brother Finley have been running back and forth while we talk, collecting logs from the communal wood hut in their wheelbarrow. Charley tells me he was most looking forward to the tie-dying, transforming the tenugui from their welcome pack into a colourful creation.

Photo Credit: Markus Brown

As someone who appreciates the process and philosophy behind our products, Martin enjoyed meeting Tomohiro Katsuno (our Snow Peak Way Expert who flew in from Japan), having watched a lot of his videos on YouTube. Martin wanted to understand more about the products and discover pieces that were unique or unusual. He enjoys spending time online, hunting down gear he wouldn’t normally be able to find and loves scouring local shopping sites in Japan (and other parts of the world) in search of gems, often finding unique pieces like his Ivory Vault from the US.

Martin loved his Snow Peak Way experience, feeling inspired by meeting other like-minded campers, sharing ideas, and admiring their camping habits. However, he also mentioned he’d particularly enjoyed having the luxury of his favourite tent, the Workshop Coffee stand, parked nearby.


To learn more about Martin's camping style and discover further ranges, please follow the link here.