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Louis: The Family Camper

Written by: Beatrice Bowdon

October 22nd , 2022

Louis: The Family Camper

Louis: The Family Camper.

Set up: FAL Pro Air 3, HD Tarp Hexa, Amenity Dome Medium. 

Originally from Hong Kong, Louis Fung has fond memories of his first camping experience. He was on a school trip with his friends, aged 17, and it not only sparked his love of camping, but also his deep passion for cooking outdoors. The weather was cold, and on the first night, Louis and his friends decided to make a hot pot to warm up. He continues this tradition today with his family at Snow Peak Way, using his Takibi Fire and Grill

As a young man, Louis studied in Japan, and it was here he discovered Snow Peak and started collecting our products. Back then he would often go on solo hiking trips and quickly realised he needed a lightweight tent that was quick and easy to construct. He purchased the FAL Pro Air 3, our three-person tent that can be set up in less than a minute, perfect for wild camping. We were super excited when we saw his FAL, as it was a discontinued colourway that we hadn’t seen outside of the Snow Peak Museum at our main HQ in Niigata, Japan. Louis’ boys sleep in it now, while he prefers the more spacious Amenity Dome M. When Louis and I talk, the boys are all piled into the FAL, tired from hours of flying their kites.


Snow Peak Way marks only the second time Louis and his family have been camping in the UK. Their first trip was disappointing, they had been surprised by how commercial the site was and had struggled to meet other like-minded campers. 

At Embers Campsite, the location of our first Snow Peak Way event in the UK, Louis said he enjoyed the freedom, not just in terms of the wide open space, but in the knowledge that his boys could run around safely and make friends. He was particularly happy when the youngest woke up on the second day and proclaimed, ‘Dad, I love camping!’ Louis made friends with his neighbours and was able to enjoy the workshops and discover some new passions. He showed me the wooden brush he made during a group session on sustainable craft with designer Geoffrey Fisher.


At Snow Peak Way, Louis’ campsite was centred around his fire pit (sheltered by his HD Tarp Hexa), which served as a community space where he and his family could gather with neighbours, cook, eat, swap stories and recipes, and share their love of the outdoors.

If you’d like to learn more about Louis’ tent and discover further ranges, please follow the link here.