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Snow Peak AW22 lookbook 

Written by: Simon Harris

September 20th , 2022

Snow Peak AW22 lookbook 

For the last two years, our apparel campaigns have centred on real families who maintain a unique and close relationship with nature.

For our AW22 lookbook, we visited Tomohiro, Tina, and their two young children in their small seaside town on the northern coast of Kyushu, Japan’s southwesternmost island. 

Tomohiro, or Tomo, as his friends and customers know him, is a baker who, along with his wife, operates a small shop near the town’s local shrine. Their trademark is a simple but delicious bread, made exclusively from high-quality ingredients sourced from the local area. 



Before deciding to become a baker, Tomo knew his life would revolve around making in some form, but, unsure of where to focus this creative urge, he set off on a trip to the US with the aim of meeting and gaining inspiration from creators whom he admired. 

However, during his journey, he found impetus from a somewhat unlikely source, the simple and affordable, yet delicious sandwiches, which he ate along the way. 

He returned from the States galvanised by his newfound passion, and immediately set off for France intent on learning the art of breadmaking. He did little or no research prior to his trip, so naturally encountered some difficulties along the way, but eventually, he began an apprenticeship with a bakery in a picturesque seaside town, reminiscent of the one in which he had spent his childhood. He was taught to make bread in the traditional style, using only fresh flour, salt, water, and a wood-fired oven. He took to his studies with gusto, and his efforts were rewarded when a regular customer complimented his bread, remarking that it, ‘reminded her of the one she used to eat as a child’.

Upon returning to Japan, he got a job at a bakery in Kamakura, a coastal town just south of Tokyo, and it was here that he met Tina. Shortly thereafter, the pair married, and when Tina became pregnant with their first child, they decided to look for a new place to put down roots. After much consideration, they settled on the small town on the fringes of Kumamoto, where Tomo had spent his childhood. 

They have forged a good life in this quiet corner of the world. Each day, they rise before dawn to prepare the dough and heat the ovens ready for baking. Their customers are mostly regulars, who come for the delicious freshly-baked bread, but usually stay for a chat. When their working day is done, the family head to the coast for gentle walks with their dog, before stopping on the beach to watch the sunset over the water.

It is a simple yet fulfilling life; a life in tune with the subtle rhythms of nature, and one that perfectly embodies Snow Peak’s unique ethos.

Our latest collection comprises functional yet stylish garments, designed for everyday living in both urban and rural environments. It demonstrates our commitment to thoughtful, high-quality products that help facilitate closer connections with nature, and we hope, will encourage you, to enjoy an enriching life in harmony with the outdoors. 

Download a copy of the AW22 Look Book Here