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Snow Peak UK Autumn/Winter Festival 22 Highlights

Written by: beatrice bowdon

December 1st , 2022

Snow Peak UK Autumn/Winter Festival 22 Highlights

This year, to kick off the festive season Snow Peak style, we celebrated our Autumn/Winter Festival at our London, St James’s Store.

Our ‘Takibi Tree’ took centre stage as our campers joined us for two days of classes and workshops, hosted by Snow-Peakers and friends.

Downstairs by the tarps, we held an all-day anodising workshop led by Lyam and Brittany, who transformed our Blue Titanium Sporks and Titanium Mugs into marble and rainbow colours. We also came up with a 'nail polish painting' method, a more refined approach that allowed us to create more detailed designs. Our campers were then able to write their names on the Sporks or draw camping setups on the side of their Titanium Mugs. We enjoyed watching as everyone’s crafts came to light in the solution, and changed colour through the anodising process. 

Charlie hosted a candle-making workshop with our Festival Exclusive Backpacker’s Cup near our IGT wall. Using soy wax, he demonstrated how to turn your cup into a small candle, with a wick made from leftover twine. Campers were able to enjoy learning a new craft and had the chance to take their candle home or choose to give it away as a handmade gift.

Frankie hosted her Paracording Workshop for those who wanted to give their Backpacker’s Cup a splash of colour. She demonstrated the intricate process, which can be done at home or camp, and allows cups to be hung from clothes or gear (you'll never lose them again!).

On the ground floor, we were joined by our friends over at Shima, who used their premium sake infusions to create delicious signature cocktails for the event. Groups gathered around our IGT to share camping stories and enjoy an afternoon of sake tasting. The choice between the Shima Gin Fizz or the Shima Sbagliato was a particularly tough one!

Why not make your own cocktails this Christmas with these personalised recipes from Shima?

Shima Gin Fizz⁠

- 50ml Gin⁠ - 25ml Lemon Juice⁠ - 25ml Elderflower Syrup⁠ - 1 Egg White (whipped in the shaker)⁠

Topped with Shima Yuzu & Elderflower to bring the fizz. ⁠ ⁠ 

 Shima Sbagliato⁠

- 25ml Gin⁠ - 25ml Campari⁠ - 25ml Hibiscus-infused sake (we use Sho Chiku Bai)⁠

Topped with Shima Plum & Hibiscus. 

We would like to say a big thanks to everyone who came to the event, and look forward to seeing you at the next one!