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The Tramezzino

Written by: beatrice bowdon

April 6th , 2023

The Tramezzino

The Snow Peak Tramezzino to cook with while camping, is the ultimate way to enjoy a hot and delicious meal in the great outdoors.


It's a great Snow Peak staple for Takibi Time, whether you're camping solo, with friends and family or just firing it up at home.


Fill your Tramezzino with anything from melted cheese sandwiches, chocolate pastries or our try one of our favourite recipes is 'Squeggs' or Square Eggs...


Pop the eggs in your Tramezzino and let them cook over the Fire & Grill. They'll be the perfect Easter breakfast companion to bacon and eggs or a bowl of rice.




Here are the steps to using the Tramezzino to make sandwiches while camping:

  1. Start by heating up your Tramezzino over a campfire or portable stove. Make sure it's hot enough to cook your sandwich.

  2. While the Tramezzino is heating up, assemble your sandwich ingredients. You can use whatever ingredients you like, but some popular options include bread, cheese, deli meat, vegetables, and spreads.

  3. Once your Tramezzino is hot, open it up and place one slice of bread on each plate. Then add your sandwich ingredients on top of one of the bread slices.

  4. Close the Tramezzino and use the long handles to press the sandwich together, using the clip to fasten the two. Cook for a few minutes on each side, or until the bread is toasted and the filling is melted.

  5. Remove the sandwich from the Tramezzino and enjoy it hot off the pan!




Some additional tips to keep in mind when using the Snow Peak Tramezzino while camping:

  • Make sure to bring along a heat-resistant glove or mittens to handle the hot Tramezzino plates. The wooden handle is completely safe to touch so you can use this to hold and let the plates cool on the ground.

  • Clean the Tramezzino thoroughly after each use with a soft cloth or brush, as food residue can build up and affect the performance of the cookware.

  • Experiment with different sandwich combinations and ingredients to find your favourite recipe.