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HITA GETA: how to wear

Written by: Hoon Yoon

May 25th , 2021

HITA GETA: how to wear

snow peak hita geta

One of our most popular summer apparel items, these beautiful sandals are named after the Japanese city of Hita where they are made. The base is constructed from cedar wood grown in the forests that surround the city which is renowned for its beauty and quality and feels great on the soles of the feet, whilst the strap is made from the same sturdy denim used in our Okayama OX series, for a simple and contemporary look that matches well with any outfit.

Geta, are traditional sandals that are ubiquitous in Japan. However, for non-Japanese who haven’t had the pleasure of wearing them, here are a few tips on how to make them as comfortable as possible.

snow peak hita getasnow peak hita geta


Unlike most sandals, Geta are worn slightly small. The upright point of the strap should only go about halfway down the big toe, and your heel should protrude from the edge of the base by approx. 2-3cm. The strap will initially feel a little stiff but will soften after a few wears and will become increasingly comfortable over time. When you wear them for the first few times, you may also need to loosen the strap by lifting the upright point slightly.

There is no left or right foot:

Usually both Geta sandals are the same, so there is no left or right foot.

How to clean:

Wipe gently with a damp, clean cloth. This should be done frequently to avoid staining from your foot. If the strap gets wet, leave it to dry naturally in a shaded, but well-ventilated area.




HITA GETA is also available at London St James's store