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New Collection, Upcycled Down.

Written by: beatrice bowdon

December 28th , 2022

New Collection, Upcycled Down.

 At Snow Peak, we rely on nature for our livelihood. For more than three decades, all our products have come with a lifetime warranty, so that our customers can use them long-term and reduce waste, out of consideration for the natural environment.


In October 2019, Snow Peak launched a new project called the Snow Peak Recycle Project. We installed a WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine in our Japanese headquarters in Niigata,  and began collecting used apparel in order to recycle it into thread. This thread was then used for the internal manufacture of knitted products, a process that is on display in an open factory setup, enabling visitors to experience recycling first-hand. We hope it will encourage more people to become familiar with this process and let recycling become a part of everyday life at home.


Through this initiative, we have built an integrated cycle: collecting garments for recycling, processing them at recycling plants, manufacturing apparel using regenerated fibre, and selling these products. We have established a system to promote sustainable manufacturing, "from garment to garment", which we look forward to expanding into "from tent to garment," in the future. 


Since then, we have collaborated with the Green Down Project, which aims to collect down products that are no longer being used, regardless of the manufacturer, and refines and repurpose the feathers as new products. Our Recycled Lightweight Down Series is a product of this collaboration. The series features two styles: jacket and pullover, both of which are extremely comfortable and warm; products that will look after you as much as they look after the environment. As they protect you from the winter chill, you will be safe in the knowledge that each feather has been upcycled, thus reducing your carbon footprint and being kinder to the planet.


As a company that specialises in down, we support the ideologies of the Green Down Project as a kind alternative for our planet. We understand down to be a limited resource and take an active approach in collecting the feathers to give them life as new Green Down (recycled down) products.

In participating in this project, Snow Peak Japan will start collecting down products such as sleeping bags, down jackets, and bedding, at directly managed stores nationwide. In the future, Snow Peak Apparel will develop products that use recycled down from the Fall / Winter 2019 collection. 


We at Snow Peak UK are currently working towards this becoming a fully circular initiative in the future.